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Create A Mouth-Watering Offer That Is

Sure To Sell Out Almost No Time  

(Without waiting to own a big list or a fancy website, without wasting precious hours of your time and without pretending to be someone you are not!)


Are you someone who is a proud owner of a brand new business? (Are you someone who considers yourself to be new?)

Maybe you are a life coach wanting to fill your schedule this year or a speech therapist eager to launch your online program?

A writer who wants to sell more ebooks, or perhaps, a web designer ready to sell more design services. (Or, you are a blogger and now want to launch your product or service.)

If you are new to business, and you don’t have much business, this is for you.

And in a minute, you’ll see exactly how. But let me ask you this one question first:

Would you like to start making money this year, doing what you love?


You see … there are many smart entrepreneurs in your exact same situation. They have a website, they have a small list (or working to build one) and they can’t wait to help others in the way they know they can and make some money doing it.

The problem is this: They don’t know how to. They are not making any offers or the ones they have, don’t sell all that much. And without the right offers, you can’t make any money in your business, can you?

Maybe you want to start selling but not sure how to begin. Maybe you tried selling products or services before, but it didn’t work so well. So you created another offer and another and pretty soon you have a suite full of products but no buyers.

So you think, “Hmm, maybe I need a bigger list, or a better website, or celebrity status.”

No, no and no.

You don’t need a big list before you can start selling. You don’t need a flashy website, or tons of praise. And you certainly don’t need to wait for years before you can start making any money.

You need an irresistible offer that sells! 

You shouldn’t have to wait for years to generate an income

You can do this within a few months, when you learn to create the right offer


You may have heard from other people that it took them 3-4 years to become successful. This is because they made tons of mistakes along the way. I am no different.

I started my blog three years ago. I started freelancing part-time and it took me three years to reach the level of success I wanted for myself.

Why so long? Because I took such a long time to make any offers. And when I did, they were so generic and poorly constructed that most of the time, nobody would take me up on it.

So I know exactly how you feel. And I know what to do about it.

My clients tell me this again and again – they all wish they had put out an offer early on to see if it worked, rather than waiting and more waiting. That they should have started selling sooner. And they all wish they had learned how to create offers that people actually want.

Because, when you create the right offer, you don’t have to wait to sell until you have a big list to sell to. You can make a profit from day 1 (If you need 5 people to coach, you don’t need a list of 5000 people, 100 people will work if they are really interested in what you have to offer). You don’t even have to do anything that you are not comfortable doing (no sleazy marketing tactics required) because these people like and trust you already.

You need to know how to offer your services and products in a way that people want them. You need to know how to create stand-out offers.

This is why I have created this ebook. So you – a new business owner – can start creating offers that practically sell themselves.


What you want is a clear, step-by-step process that helps you create a stand out offer.

You need something concrete so you know exactly where to start, what to do next and to not have that feeling of falling behind.

You need a plan – and I’ve got something I know you’ll love.

Here is a brief look at what is included in this ebook:


Introducing …


A step-by-step blueprint to creating offers that sell themselves

This ebook has only 64 pages. I’d rather have you go through it quickly and start taking action right away then put it aside to read later.

Each section ends on a worksheet. You get nine worksheets altogether.

At the end, you get a master checklist to make sure you don’t miss a single step.

That’s not all. I also show you some real numbers and how you can quickly make a few thousand dollars within a few short months.

I have also included a resource: a list of irresistible offers currently on the market. This will give you plenty of ideas on how to structure your own offer.

Finally, I have also included a bonus section that teaches you how to get 1000 people on your list using free methods.

You won’t need hours just to go through hundreds of pages. You can consume the whole training in one sitting and then take small actions to implement what you learn.

Here is the breakdown so you can see exactly what you are getting – no surprises! 


What you will learn in this ebook 

First up, you will learn to identify the people you can help the most.

‘Busy Mum’ example that is a must-read.

Offer? Never feel confused about what an offer actually is.

The 9 step process of creating an offer – which steps are you missing?

Step 1: Identify the people you should be targeting – people most likely to buy from you.

Step 2: Find out the one thing that will make or break your offer.

Step 3: One simple way to make sure your own audience wants this.

Next, you will learn to put together a product or service offer that will sell.

Step 4: Discover what’s out there without any fuss.

Step 5: How to make your offer unbeatable and stack the value.

Step 6: How to actually deliver your offer – and then over deliver.

Finally, you will learn how to make your offer irresistible so that people will buy.

Step 7: What you can do to make sure people buy from you instead of your competition

Step 8: Figure out the answer to this hot-button question: How much should you charge for it?

Step 9: One sure-fire way to find out if your offer works – many people skip this crucial step.

Worksheet after each section.

Master checklist to take you through the entire process.

Next steps (Or how to make a bunch of money quickly) – looking at real numbers.

Resource: Irresistible offers in action. A collection of the finest offers across various industries.

Bonus: How to get 1000 people on your list using free methods. The same method I used to get my first 3000 email subscribers.

This is like making an offer on steroids …

One that attracts your ideal buyer, and builds your email list with people who trust you and are often in the mood to buy. It raises your credibility and as a result you sell more of your products and services!

If you are a new business owner and you want to create your first offer or dramatically improve an existing one, this training is a must-have for you.

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Melissa1As I started to read I thought “yes – this is exactly what I need!”

As a mum to 2 boys under 5, plus starting a business, plus hubby currently away for work, it was totally manageable. When I got into it I finished it off in no time as it was an easy read (great writing!) LOVED the mum example! I could totally relate and well, you had me at hello!

I loved the way you put it, I loved your style, and it spoke straight to me. And I got through some blockages that I have been dealing with for a couple of weeks. Great job!

Worksheets are a great add! I like to know that I have covered everything and it also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Honestly, LOVED IT! I had so many aha’s it’s incredible. It really got me thinking and put things in a way I haven’t thought before. I have majorly refined my ideal customer now because of reading this. Which has saved me copy/branding/voice worries.

Melissa Marsden, New Business Owner


So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

mHi, I am Marya Jan. I am a Business Coach for smart, brand new entrepreneurs.

Let’s start with the formal qualifications, shall we? MBA Marketing, Bachelors at Law and also a Post Grad Dip in Teaching. I have 10 years of experience working in marketing and academia. I have also worked as student counsellor and a career coach.

I have created two online courses and various ebooks for myself and for my clients. I freelance for high profile clients in highly specialized niches and take on coaching clients

I have guest posted on sites like Problogger, Boost Blog Traffic, Men with Pens, Write to Done, Make a Living Writing, Freelance Switch, Firepole Marketing, Tiny Buddha, Dumb Little Man, Stepcase Lifehack and many more.

As a business coach, I have worked with many clients and helped them get real results in their business. (You can find the Client Stories on my website.)




I am a biologist with PhD, with all the bells and whistles that got fed up with the system and now starting my coaching business as well as my artistic journey, on the side. The subject is relevant crucial for business owners that what to stand out and make money with their purpose.

The ebook is easy to read and has good content, examples and how to’s that can help people understand the process of creating a product that sells. The worksheets and the questions are very smart. The length is just perfect!

The guide is well finished with ideas that can help people improve and move towards manifesting their dreams. I highly recommend it to other business owners who are new.

Olga Pont


When you create the right offer, that’s where the magic happens.

The idea for this bite-sized training came from coaching hundreds of clients and taking them through a process that is essentially the same for everyone. Each client is different and so is their business, but the road map to start making an income is the same.

It teaches you how to grow your business, sell more, be of service to people who need it and carve out a a meaningful life for yourself,  and it all starts with perfecting your offers.

Creating the right offer means when you don’t waste years before making income.

Creating the right offer means you don’t wait till you have a big list or a fancy website. You grow your list as a result and earn money to spend on your website.

Creating the right offer means you don’t have to spend money on ebooks, courses and programs that take you no closer to your goals.

You want to build your business, and you want to do it on your own terms. Without having to resort to any sleazy marketing tactics that make your skin crawl.

You want to be in control – not second guessing all the time. You want to build your business, a lifestyle you want, and you want to do it all while having loads of fun.

And I can help you get there ..


Here’s How This Blueprint Works:

When you purchase this ebook, you will be able to download it straightaway.

You get one PDF which includes the following:

  • The main training
  • Nine worksheets altogether to put everything you learn into action
  • A master checklist at the end of the ebook to take you through the whole process
  • The next steps (how to make a bunch of money quickly) with a look at real numbers so you can plan your offer
  • A resource list of irresistible offers in action – real life examples of what is available in the market
  • A bonus to fill your list with 1000 people using free methods

The lessons will walk you through all the steps you need to start making money in your business. You just have to put those steps into action.

By the end of this training, you’ll have a plan to do everything right.

Sound good? 


fanny1I write and teach yoga. I am a new business owner and feel that my products – my booklets and yoga classes – are excellent but I know I need help putting things out there.

I love it. The ebook is direct and very helpful – specific. And I love your tone – positive and understanding. Because sometimes I feel a little stupid because I get the “Should”’s going – I should be understanding this and doing it better. But you help me feel positive that I can do it and redo it and try again until I get it right. I really like how you right – direct and conversational.

The quality of information is excellent. The worksheets are fantastically useful. The length about right. Your writing is clear and concise and so are your example.

Your training takes me through the steps nicely. If someone has product or even an idea for one, your book shows them the way.

Thanks for putting your skills out there and helping sort of nerdy people like me feel like I can – you are a great inspiration and I feel better just reading your training and checking out your web site – thanks. I believe I can – just need to get on it.

Joanne Fanny Barry


Who Should Buy This Training?

This ebook is perfect for you if:

You are the proud owner of a new business and want to sell more of your programs and services. (Coach, trainer, therapist, artist, designer, writer, photographer … I am talking to you).

You don’t have any offers on your website or a variety of ones that don’t work.

You’re a blogger who wants to monetize your site by launching a service or information product.

This ebook is not for you if:

You don’t have any business ideas to start with.

You sell physical products.

You are a marketing professional, because you should already know all this stuff by now. Seriously.

You are looking to build a six figure business in 3 months. Seriously? Whoever is selling you that stuff needs to be a bit more forthcoming.


Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeRisk Free Guarantee

Of course, I offer a 30-day full money back guarantee – that’s how confident I am that you will love this training.

However, if you think this training doesn’t deliver what it promises or if you are not satisfied for any reason, let me know right away and I’ll gladly refund your tuition without hesitation.


How Much Is It?

How much would you pay to create an offer that brings you hundreds and thousands of dollars within the next six months? How much is this training worth to you?

How much would you save by not paying a coach or a consultant to teach you how to do this? How much would you save by not having to buy yet another marketing program?

The price tag on this ebook is $47 USD but for you, you can get i today for $7 USD and save 85%. (This is a very limited time offer.)

Remember, you also get a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Take this step and start making some money in your business.

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destini1I think this is an excellent, high-quality ebook The worksheets are an essential part of this – they help to bring the content into a nicely summarized focus with very clear, very actionable tasks.

I think that the duration of this feels good. It’s not for someone who’s looking to breeze through in 5 minutes, but more for someone who’s serious about getting into the heart of creating an irresistible, selling first offer.

You’ve done a through job explaining the concepts. My path forward looks very clear. After reading this material I’m feeling empowered and capable, and excited that I made this choice to dive in and do the work. The timing is perfect too, since I am just putting out my first offers now.

I would definitely recommend this to others, specifically those who would benefit from a supportive friend to walk them through the work. This is an excellent ebook on selling – it’s thorough, has high quality content, and the actionable tasks are realistic and manageable.

Your style and approach is very relaxed and personable, yet clear and direct, making it easy to absorb the info + still get down to work. Thank you for making this so easy for me!

I love what you’re doing in the world – your approach, your style, your honesty, your down-to-earth way of being. There is a lot of stuff to weed through on the web, and I’m glad to have found such an authentic gem.

Destini Broom

Doubters Read This:  

Q: There is so much free info on the Net, why buy an ebook? 

A: This is a step by step, highly meaty ecourse, with all of the information laid out for you. You won’t find strategies and tools like this anywhere else.

Yes, there is tons of information on the Internet, much of which is contradictory. But do you have hundreds of hours to go looking for high quality information that actually works? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time growing your business and making more profit?

And then, there is something to be said for paying for something and committing to following it through. Nothing motivates you and holds you accountable as much as when you have paid for it.

Q: I have already wasted so much money on hundreds of ebooks and courses, what makes this one any different? 


For one, this is a step-by-step training that takes you through bite-sized lessons that you can digest and act upon – preferably on the same day.  You will see actual results. This means you won’t waste your money on yet another information product.

Not to mention, I teach in a totally no-fluff manner. My stuff is BS free. But you already knew that, right?

Q: How long will I need to spend working through the ebook (I do have a life)?

A: Again, the sections are bite-sized. You can read the whole thing in one sitting.

Taking time to really think through your process and filling out the worksheets, and doing the action steps will take time. But this will actually save you time in the long run as you learn to fine tune your process

Q: Can you guarantee that I will make tons of money list after purchasing this ebook?

A: No! Nobody can guarantee your results except yourself. However, this is what I promise, when you will complete all the worksheets, learn and take action then you would definitely grow your income many times over. And you will continue to see small wins along the way.  

Q: What if I don’t love it?

A:  You’re going to find the information and the insights to be extremely valuable, and the guidance you’ll receive is worth much more than the price you pay for it.

If you don’t agree, let me know right away and I’ll gladly refund your money without hesitation.

Q: When do I have to decide?

A: For a short period of time, you can buy and avail this special price of $75 USD and and get a 50% discount.

I’m SO excited about this ebook. This can literally turn your business around. Purchase your copy today!


Ready? Let’s Do This!

I understand that I am buying a 64 page PDF ebook that has never been published anywhere (no compilation of old content).

I understand that I will also get nine individual worksheets and a master checklist.

I will learn the next steps (how to make a bunch of money quickly).

I will also get a resource of fantastic offers in action.

I will also get a bonus that will teach me how to build my email list with 1000 people using free methods.

When I purchase I will get the material all at once.

If I purchase today, I pay a special price of $7 USD (and save 85%).

I understand the ebook comes with full money back guarantee. I have 30 days to request a refund If I am not 100% happy with the product.

I understand I can have massive success in my business if I apply what I learn here. 🙂

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Here’s more praise about this training …


jacinda“The content is great. To the point, succinct, has a great flow on from each step. It’s a great systematic approach you can apply every time to a launch, I think that’s great.

I find it hard to find the time to read much and wouldn’t want it any longer. It all was clear and flowing.

The worksheets give you a clear step by step plan for what to do next. I would recommend this ebook for a step by step action plan to implement a launch.

Great work Marya – great content, great writing, this is a fantastic course and will help many small and start up biz owners get a systematic process for approaching a launch!”

Jacinda Meiklejohn, Exercise Physiology and Health and Wellness Coaching


jae1“I help young people find their purpose and empower them with the confidence to go after.

Loved the busy mum example! You have inspired me to write a timeline and start giving myself deadlines for accomplishing certain tasks rather than just saying it has to be done ‘soon’.

To people lacking knowledge of marketing; it will be a gold mine.”

Jae Schaefer, writer, blogger



Linn-Pose1“I work as a Lifestyle by Design Coach. I support people to live life on their terms, their way.

The topic of this ebook interests me greatly. Overall it is Fantastic, spot on, wonderful. Very clearly written. Easy to use. Makes the complicated straight forward. After reading it, I feel so much clearer about the areas I need to work on. Your ebook has simplified and clarified things for me.

It was easy and quick to read through for the first time and now I have a step-by-step process to follow as I work through it a slower pace. I feel it is manageable, certainly not overwhelmed.

I recommend this to others without hesitation. It is incredibly clear and easy to use. Great product. Well crafted. I am excited to go through it again.”

Linn Purdon


denise1“I am a Professional Organiser, I help people get organized. And I am just starting my business and struggling about creating an irresistible offer.

The steps are very well explained and the worksheets are very useful to take action immediately. The checklist was good to double check I was on the right path.

I would recommend this ebook to others because I know others, like me, we have great ideas but we struggled in creating a good offer, and no offer = no money. I know they will get great benefit of this book.

Congratulations!! Your training is great, and as I said you manage to simplify something that is quite complicated especially at the beginning. So yes, this book is great to move any new business to the next level.”

Denise De Costa


Julie1“I am a fitness coach and I have to say, I am impressed! I think this had been one of the better “step by step” how to’s I’ve seen. It is broken down so well and so easy to understand.

The quality of information is more so than other programs I’ve seen. Incredibly thorough an broken down. Fabulous for a newbie like me! The length is perfect.

Yes, I recommend this to others. I loved how detailed the steps are. Great job!”

Julie Montemarano



sandra1“I write about life hacks, self love, organisational and practical tips as well as health and nutrition for 18-20 something year olds that want a little bit of something extra out of life.

The training is to the point and actionable. Also, very easy to read. The organised German in me loves checklists and being able to tick things off, plus it was great visual reminder of the steps to take without having to go back and read over everything.

Yes, some other courses I have done drag this kind of information out so I appreciate something that I can read in one sitting.

I have clear plan of action as well as a boatload of ideas it’s extremely well thought out clear.”
Sandra Zwick


“I’m a Pilates mat teacher but also work full time.

This ebook was straight to the point which was refreshing! I didn’t have to skim read the crap to get to the good stuff as it was all good. The checklist helps you get in the right frame of mind and not get side tracked.

The worksheets are a necessity and although I was surprised at first I think the length is great for the information you are actually getting!

I would recommend it. As a new business owner I find it really hard to know where to start with my offering and this ebook really helps. The worksheets are practical and straight to the point and the checklists helps the process. Great job! This must have been a lot of work!”

Sarah Groenewald


stephanie1“I really like it. It’s obvious you have a good intention and want to share your knowledge to help people.

I do think the worksheets are useful in terms of the questions themselves. And, the excellent thing about the length is that you can read the whole thing quickly and then decide whether you want to action it or not. That’s a real plus because with a thorough overview you can then decide to put 120% into its completion.

I do love that you have given so many examples in each section.  I really like your next steps action. Showing what’s possible with the numbers is really clever and very motivating.

I definitely see your logical thinking and I really like that. You are not bullshitty North American sales-y, but to the point and I really like that.”

Stephanie Holland, Business Strategy and Start up Coach


amanda“The content is easily digested, presented a logical order that is easy for the reader to follow. The ideas are useful for a beginner who doesn’t have a lot of experience with online marketing.

Not only were the steps actionable, but you explained why they work. All of the content was relevant without a lot of filler text, which I appreciate. The sections were brief and I felt like I moved through it easily. It’s presented in a very clear and concise way that makes the concepts easier to actually take action on, quickly.

I would recommend this to those just starting out with their online business. Its content is helpful in getting through the initial resistance of creating that first offer.”

Amanda Pickett, Holistic Heath Coach


madeleine1“I help people find their bliss, enjoy their life more, feel good about themselves. I use Heart Intelligence Coaching for that 😉

I tend to struggle with how to differentiate myself from other coaches, so the topic of your training comes at the right time!

The ebook is well structured, clear, lots of content and I already like the introduction, very down to earth, speaks to me. Now at the middle and completely captivated, and excited about for instance asking my ex-clients to answer a survey! Still reading on, and still captivated…

I am happy with the quality of the information, and with the amount. There is enough of it to grasp it but not too much for you to get bored. My action plan is to do all the worksheets one by one!

I recommend this ebook to others because of its quality, because it gives you a plan to follow.”

Madeleine Royere-Koonings

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