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What we do

Funnel Strategy

Lead Gen Funnels, SLO (Break-even Funnels), Challenge and Webinar Funnels.
Facebook ads


Client Stories


Petra Foster

Petra Foster is a client enrolment strategist who generated £31K in one month after hiring me as her Facebook Ad Strategist.
Then she made another £73K from the launch of her group coaching program from a $400 in ad spend and then she had her six figure launch.
To date, she has made over half a million pounds.


Tracy Secombe, Life Coach

After creating her warm audience strategy, for every dollar invested in Facebook ads, Tracy is making 7 dollars (turning $1 into $7).
Her ideal clients are booking calls and last month she enrolled 7 clients into her group program. 


 Janet Murray, PR Coach


Janet Murray, a multi six-figure PR coach and business owner, has TRIPLED her monthly income after working with me as a private client.

She has been getting leads for $1.50 and built her list to 15,000+ people. She has added members to her membership site, sold tickets to her live events and booked coaching clients.


Anna Black, Career Counsellor

Anna is doing webinars to enrol clients. She got 199 people to sign up for her first two webinars, booked 8 discovery calls and enrolled 5 clients into her group program from the first webinar.
Next she booked 10 more discovery calls. She has generated over five figures in a few short months.


 Jaqueline Shaw, African Biz Coach

Jacqueline enrolled 7 clients into her program and made £10,500 from £500 in ad spend. 


Sally Graddon, Life Coach for Doctors

Sally enrolled 3 clients from a webinar at $8K each generating $24K in revenue. 


Becky Dickson, Mindset Coach

Becky Dickson is a 7-figure mindset coach. She has added to close to 2,000 brand new subscribers to her email list in a short period of time and made $15K from just one promo. 


Joanna Krop

Her clinic is now booked out from the ad strategy. 


Other Wins



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You are a coach, expert or service-based entrepreneur.


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Who are the people I have worked with?

I attract super smart, down-to-earth and kind-hearted women entrepreneurs.
To give you an idea, following are some of my fabulous clients I have worked with:

Sales Coach, Branding Expert, Business Systems Strategist, Website Designer, Copywriter, Success Coach, Financial Planner,

Psychologist, Naturopath, Reiki Healer, Wellness Strategist, Nutritionist, Decluttering Expert, Book Writing Coach, Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Photographer

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