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I am rapt that you are a Writing Happiness subscriber – and I want to bring to you some of my best resources, just to say thank you for being a loyal reader.

Here is my brand new cheat sheet (plus checklist) that I just published today.

Client Attraction Cheat Sheet

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Blog Post Editing Checklist

So many people struggle  to publish their posts and get them right.

Every time they write and hit publish, they ultimately forget something: Did I make it scannable?
Add a strong CTA? Write a great headline?, etc. And I am no less gulity of doing the same. Even
in my fourth year of blogging.

The problem is this: while tons have been written about what makes a post great, you never
seem to have that information when you need it the most.

So this is what I thought, why not create a checklist that you can have in front of you
and just run through quickly every time you are about to publish something.

And I created something that will surely help you out. Click here to download.

Blog Post Editing Checklist

Right click and save target as.


I’ll continue to develop and create more handy resources for you – so be sure to
keep your eyes out for upcoming goodies. 


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