Spy on Your Competitors Ads – A Very Exciting Facebook Update that is Relevant to YOU

Facebook just came out with this super exciting update.

Let’s face it, Facebook comes out with updates all the time but nothing as cool as this, or as relevant. Most are super boring.

What am I talking about?

Let me ask you: Do you want to know what types of Facebook ads your competitors are running right now?

How useful would it be for you to know what they are doing, and to snoop into their process?

Maybe you are stuck for copy ideas or maybe you want to model their stuff (no copying!).

Well now you can. At the click of your mouse.

Well maybe two clicks.

(And you can now see ads my any type of business, guru, big brands, brick n mortars, as long as they are running ads on Facebook, you can check them out.)

Here’s what you do.

Pull up their business page (not their personal profile). So the page people like, and not where you ask them to friend you.

Then scroll down until you see ‘Info and ads’ on the left hand side. You can’t miss it.

Here’s an example, Marie Forleo’s page.


Great. Click on it, and viola!

You can now see all the current ads they are running.


Scroll down to see all the current ads, you are able to select a particular country.

Firstly, these ads are live. So you can click on them and then see the landing pages.

Here are a few examples of the ads they are running. Then I’ll tell you some super cool stuff you can do with this.

The first ad is a lead generation ad (image-based) to a quiz. Check it out:


And here is the quiz sign up page:


Okay, so the second type of the ad is a different format of the lead generation ad – video one. Looks like she has done a short livestream and then converted it into an ad.


Next up we have a testimonial ad running traffic straight to the sales page for her program. We don’t know whether she is running this ad to cold traffic (new people), to warm traffic or retargeting people who have already checked out the sales page.


Sales page:


One more? Here’s an ad to a list of tools and resources (lead generation ad as well), followed by the sign up page.


And here’s the landing page for your perusal:



Ok. so what can you do with this information, other than spending hours looking at other people’s ads. Here are some important things you need to understand

  1. Use this feature to get inspiration for your own copy and images, to model, never copy
  2. Don’t assume what ads are doing well. Facebook doesn’t show the social proof. If a big brand new is running the ads, then most likely the ads are doing well or they won’t.
  3. Don’t feel guilty like you are ‘snooping’ on someone. You are not. Facebook is bringing more transparency to their paid advertising game. And the ads are public to begin with. They are meant to be seen. This is totally ethical.
  4. You notice ads directly to sales page. You don’t know the audiences they are targeting, cold, warm or retargeting. Do not run ads to sales page to a cold audience.
  5. Don’t copy their ads blindly. You don’t know their strategy.
  6. Use this information to funnel hack other entrepreneurs (advanced tip)? You want to sign up for their evergreen webinars and check out their registration page, on-boarding emails, webinar itself, sales page and follow-up emails? Well, now you can the see the ads leading up to their evergreen funnels, you don’t typically find these pages on their website. Sign up and hack away …. Again, this is totally ethical. These funnels are public but harder to find other than being targeted and seeing the actual ad in the newsfeed.

What do you think of this update?

Leave a comment and tell me what makes you most excited about it?