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It will take 6-12 months to create your first ecourse. True or False?

Creating a course requires a lot of money. True or False?

100% confidence in myself to create and deliver a stellar course is essential. True or false?

You need to be fairly techy to deliver your course well. True or False?

Making sure your course is successful is out of your hands. Just do it anyway. True or false?

You know exactly who your ideal audience is.

I have this great idea, I know what the people need. I am going to go ahead and create my course. Good idea?

You need to make your course the most comprehensive course on the market. Agree?

Make sure you create your course before you launch. Agree?

I need to have a big list before I create my course for a profitable launch.

It is a good idea to do a beta round for your course.

Always charge premium prices for your course.

You need a big, flashy launch to promote your ecourse.

It's okay to choose a platform highly recommended by someone else to deliver your course.

Your course name can make or break your course.