How a PR Coach Got 600+ webinar registrants from Facebook ads at $1.9 per lead (and filled her event)

The Client

Janet Murray is a Journalist and PR Coach based in the UK.

She has spent the past fifteen years writing and editing for national newspapers, magazines including the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Times, Sun and Daily Mail.

Janet runs a successful six-figure business where she helps her clients get press coverage. She writes a blog, hosts a podcast and offers a number of training programs, coaching and events. She also has a free Facebook group.

Website: http://janetmurray.co.uk/


A sneak peek into her results

Overall, we spent $1400.64 ($1100+ on webinar leads) in 4 weeks. Our goal is to 10X our investment.

Got 825 conversions in total

Cost per registrant for webinar = $1.93 (from COLD TRAFFIC)

Added 500+ people to her Facebook group.

Expected ROI: 20 Seats sold $500 a piece = 10K

(Expected ROI is calculated with the ad budget, number of leads acquired and the cost of the event ticket.)

UPDATE: Janet has now TRIPLED her business, grown her email list to 12,000+ people, Facebook group to 5200+ people (without spending any extra money) and has successfully presented on many webinars with thousands of people.


My Role

As a Facebook ad strategist, I offer done-for-you premium packages where I help my private clients harness the power of Facebook ads to attract hot leads into their business. And they then covert those leads into paying clients and customers.

During the 3-month period that we usually work together (most turn into retainer clients), I offer strategy, consulting calls, quick email support and anything else they need from me. I also update them on what’s happening with their ads so they are in know, but they don’t have to worry about anything as I am there to take care of it.

This case study will take you through the exact process I use to get my clients great results. If you are interested in working with me, this will give you insight into how I work.


The goal

Janet had two main goals when she came to me.

She is going to hold a one-day event ‘Soulful PR LIVE’ in London. Sold a a good amount of tickets and wanted to fill the room. She had already exhausted people from her own email list and was looking to attract leads from Facebook ads to sell her tickets to.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.07.15 pm


Her second goal is to bring people into her membership site. She currently has 70+ paying members and she wants to grow it to 500 members. For this she needs to grow her list first.

Janet was concerned that people in the UK are not as accepting of Facebook ads as perhaps they are in the US. She also expressed her worry in terms of the size of the people and the number of people we would be able to attract since the event was local.

Also her brand new book is releasing soon and she wants to use Facebook ads to support her launch goals.


The Strategy

Initial consultation:We spent 90 minutes taking a deep dive into her business to understand her ideal perfect client avatars.  Since this was Janet’s first time with trying to sell her real life’s events with Facebook ads, we didn’t have any conversion numbers to begin with.

Also, it is much harder to fill real life events. If it had been virtual, I would have gone with 5% conversion rate but I knew for this goal our conversions would be lower.

Out initial campaign was to run ads to Janet’s lead magnet.

Janet felt it was important to create K-L-T (Know, like and trust) with her audience so initially we decided to run traffic to the opt-in. With this, we wanted to accomplish two things:

I wanted to test cold audiences to see which ones are responding the best.

The second step was to retarget her warm audiences (email list as well as website visitors).

Finally, to do a series of webinars to sell her live event tickets.

Establishing a benchmark for cost per lead was an important consideration but Janet understood that most of the ROI would not be immediate.

Janet would then nurture these people and offer them a chance to attend her event via her autoresponder sequence (she uses Infusionsoft).


Opt-in offer

On Facebook, freebie offers that are quick to consume and are perceived as ‘low risk’ convert really well.

Janet already has an opt-in on her website but we decided to use a different one on Facebook to attract her perfect audience. It’s a PDF checklist that helps coaches, consultants and small business owners do three things to get their businesses featured in the media.

Janet felt that one of the things that hold people back is the thought of writing a press release so we mentioned ‘without writing a single press release’ and it has been working brilliantly.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.15.39 pm

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to create a new opt-in offer specifically for Facebook ads. And if you can create a quick checklist or cheat sheet, even better.



In order for Facebook ads to work, nailing the targeting is critical so that’s where I always start after understanding what the client wants.

We created an ideal client avatar and I spent some time researching and creating ‘saved audiences’ in the ads manager.

I was able to create two different audiences to start with size of around 100K which is pretty decent keeping in mind we are only targeting people in the UK.

Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the size of your audience. Do your research and see what you discover.


Ad copy and images

I always request my clients to send me a ‘first draft copy’ for their ad. I do this because although I may end up tweaking or writing new copy, I want the ad to sound just like them, and to get something in their own words is very helpful.

I emailed here a bunch of ads from my personal ad collection to draw inspiration from, for her own ad copy.

Janet made it clear that she wasn’t keen on doing video ads. She asked if that’s going to be an issue. I explained to her that while video ads are great for engagement, image ads tend to work best for generating leads. This made her quite happy.

I also requested two images (not her photos as photos don’t tend to do well with (cold) brand new audiences. I asked for her images which would be ‘on brand’ for Janet as this is super important to her.

Notice that the images I used for her opt-in and webinar ads do not have any text overlay. The reasoning behind this is that we don’t want our ads to look like ads. We went to be respectful to the platform and post images just like any regular person on would.

This strategy paid off as it got a great click through (image is super important and if you are not getting clicks, it’s most like your image that is not resonating). If it hadn’t, I would have tested with the same image with text overlay and other image.

Takeaway: You don’t have to create fancy graphics if you don’t want to. Test your image. Sometimes the simplest thing works.


The budget

I got Janet’s authorization to test with $10 a day for two adsets. For the webinars, we started testing with $15 and eventually building it up to $150 per day for both campaigns.

As I scaled the webinar campaigns, I reduced the budget on the opt-in ads to $3 per day. I didn’t pause the ads because once the ads are doing EXTREMELY well, you don’t want to mess with them.

Janet is happy to pay the cost of one ticket ($500) to get 4-5 tickets sold. The easy Math is invest $500 in ads to make $2500 in ticket sales. I am confident we can beat that goal easily.

Once Janet’s goal of selling the tickets is fulfilled, I will go back to scaling the opt-in ads so we can fill the membership site.

Takeaway: You don’t have to start with $100 a day budget. You can build up to it and go beyond.



Campaign #1 Opt-in Checklist

I started testing with two audiences at $10 per adset, per day. I normally test with 2-3 images but this time, there was a delay in our communication so I started with one image and it did extremely well.

I started with the short copy as this is a very enticing offer and in my experience, you don’t need long-form copy for a simple opt in for a PDF.

Here’s the ad:

Janet ad


Landing page

As competition increases everyday, it is not so easy to get people to hand over their email addresses. I work closely with clients to make sure that their landing page is fully optimized for conversion.

I worked with Janet to create her landing page, giving her a page to model and providing a detailed critique on it.

I gave her advice on how to optimize the page such as the headline, adding social proof (Image and ‘As-seen-on’ logos’, testimonials, etc.).

This landing page converted at 63% which is fantastic. (In order for paid traffic to work, you should aim for 20%).

Here’s the landing page.

Janet landing page

We let the campaign run on continuously

She felt these people would be perfect for her membership site.


Right off the bat, the audience research paid off and we were getting opt-ins for $1.20. Janet was super stoked about it.

The click through was 2.85% on one and 2.36% on the other (2% is considered very good). And over 63% people opted in on the landing page.

Following is a screenshot that was just taken yesterday for so the numbers will look slightly different but you get the idea.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.09.36 pm


Takeaway: Make sure you take the time to optimize your landing page. It will be so worth it.

Campaign #2 Retargeting

I also did a retargeting campaign and targeted her warm audience: a custom audience of her email list, and the people who visited her website.

Janet got her designer to create this image based off an image I created. She feels it is important to stay on brand so that’s what we went with. As you can see, we used her photo in the ad. This is because we are targeting a warm audience – people who are on her email list, opt-ed in or visited her website recently.

We sent people straight to the sales page. We sold a few tickets from that, valued at $500 each. But since we couldn’t track the sales properly, the client wasn’t comfortable with running this campaign so we ended it and focused on the webinar one.

Takeaway: You don’t have to do something just because all ad gurus say you have to. Do what works for you.

Here’s a retargeting ad:

Janet retargeting ad


Tracking challenge

One issue that we had to face was lack of tracking for purchases. Because Janet’s event is hosted on a third party site, it was not possible to place a tracking pixel on the thank you page.

The way we got around that was to make a duplicate of the sales page and track sales that came from that page alone. This method was not fool proof as someone could click on the ad, land on that page, not buy then receive an email from her and buy from her original page.

According to her, she had a flurry of sales after retargeting but it’s impossible to say if they came directly as a result of the ads. However, she did feel that the retargeting campaign helped her audience to see the offer.


Gender breakdown

Upon examination of the ads, it was revealed that over 80% of the people signing up are women. And that mobile placement of the ads performed way better than desktop winning hands down.

This is highly valuable information that we can use to create even better targeting for the next set of campaigns.

Takeaway: Create reports and look deep into your data. You’ll discover gems you can use for subsequent campaigns.


Offer to join the Facebook group 

One thing we did was to take full advantage of her thank-you page. As soon as somebody opted in, there was invited to join her Facebook group (Soulful PR Facebook Community) and a good percentage of people did. She ended up adding over 500 people to her Facebook group as a result of running ads.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.11.26 pm

Takeaway: Always offer something on the thank-you page. It can be a low-dollar front end offer that helps to offset your ad spend, or an invitation to join your Facebook group.


The webinar

The second part of our strategy was to do a webinar.

For a webinar campaign to generate a decent ROI (return on investment), it is super important to make sure your backend is working.

Meaning, you are sending out on-boarding emails to ensure maximum show up rate and Janet was top of it and making sure that her marketing lady was managing all things Infusionsoft.


Campaign #3 New targeting: advanced business owners

Based on the conversations in the Facebook group, Janet felt like she wanted to attract more seasoned business owners. She saw that these people were beginners and found the thought of attending a live event with journalists a bit intimidating.

We targeted a more advanced group of business owners and asked them to sign up for the webinar. This ad converted like gangbusters fetching webinar registrants at a cost of $1.8 on average. These campaign was run to cold audience and this price is brilliant as most webinar registrations cost anywhere from $4 to $8 for cold audiences. 

Here’s the ad.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.24.18 pm


Campaign #4 Different targeting: PR and marketing agencies

Again, Janet was wanting to attract even more advanced audience so I started another campaign.

We came up with a different angle and decided to target PR agencies and professionals. Janet had already sold tickets to this audience so we felt it might do well.

And it did.

I modified the targeting a little bit and started a campaign which got us registrations for $2.50 on average so more expensive than our original targeting but still fantastic.

Here’s the ad for the new audience.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.11.48 pm


Here’s the registration page for the webinar.

We had Janet’s VA duplicate the landing page and change the copy to match the new audience when she was in the middle of attending a conference. This shows her commitment to her plan.

Janet webinar sign up


We filled Janet’s webinar with 250+ registrations directly from Facebook ads and an equal number from her list bringing her total to 500 people. We are going to run another webinar next week and we are about to hit $300+ people to register solely from ads.

Takeaway: Try testing long-form copy for your webinar especially when running ads to a cold audience. Don’t be afraid to run ads direct to the webinar opt-in. You don’t have to ask them to opt-in to a PDF first in the hopes of having better conversions.


Webinar offer

Janet put together an absolute no-brainer offer for her webinar registrants.

She did not discount her ticket price to stay in integrity as she had sold those tickets at early bird prices earlier. She did not want these people to feel like they were lied to.

Hence, she offered some extra special bonuses for those who’d buy on the webinar:

– A 30 minute Skype consultation with her (worth $100+)

– 10 key media contacts (based on our consultation) (worth S100+)

– A set of templates for writing pitches, press releases and pitching journalists over the phone (worth $50+)


Constant monitoring and scaling

All this time I kept a watchful eye on her ads. The ads performance stayed consistent so it was not an issue.

Normally, I would turn off the ads that aren’t performing (there weren’t any), I scaled them slowly to maintain the cost per lead and I would have split tested with more campaigns if needed.


Facebook ad results in 4 weeks

Overall, we spent $1400.64

Got 825 conversions in total (Over 60% conversion rate on the landing page and all of these people are cold leads – never heard of Janet before)

Cost per lead for checklist = $1.20 on average

Cost per registrant for webinar = $1.93 on average.

1275 post engagements

1107 website clicks, which helped built her custom audience of website visitors.

Added 87 page likes.

Added 500+ people to her Facebook group

Ticket sales as a result of retargeting ads

(Expected ROI: 20 Seats sold $500 a piece = 10K) 


Offers will also be made regarding her upcoming book launch and membership to her brand new subscribers increasing the overall ROI for these campaigns.


What’s next for Janet?

Filling her membership site

Janet’s book launch


Want similar results in your business?

I absolutely love working with Janet. She is truly a dream client.

And Janet says …

“Very much enjoying working with you too. I am very impressed with the results and, as you said at the beginning, I can totally see how the leads I am bringing in are long-term prospects I should be able to convert some of to my membership group and book.”

Interested in creating a killer Facebook strategy for yourself while you focus on doing what you love doing while I take care of all the implementation for you?

Book a free 30-min strategy session here:



Who is this for:

Coaches, trainers and service providers who have been in business for a few years and already have offers (coaching packages, online programs, etc.) that are working right now. Entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in their business (My packages start at $3000.)

Who this is not for:

If you are new to business, still creating offers and you are earning less than 8K per month. This is not ideal for you.


Want to steal my strategy?

I have created a special guide for you that takes you through this exact strategy, step by step. It’s called ‘7 Steps to Creating a Winning Facebook Ad Strategy in Your 6-Figure Business‘.

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  1. Brian Robben Says :
    Posted on August 12, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Case study posts are my favorite to read, and you did a great job on this one. I agree, if you’re not making high double-figures each month, you wouldn’t want to invest in this strategy.

  2. Ivan Jordon Says :
    Posted on November 20, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    That looks like a really effective marketing strategy. I’d have to do the same for my upcoming event.

  3. Rachelle Megan Says :
    Posted on February 19, 2017 at 5:20 am

    This is an inspiring story. I am not quite at the stage where my business needs building up yet, but when it does, I think these strategies will help a lot! Thank you.