Free 5-Day Profitable Facebook Ad Challenge

“Am I paying too much for leads on Facebook?”

“How much money should I spend every month?”

“Could I be profitable from Facebook ads from $300 monthly ad spend?” ‘‘I don’t have thousands to spend on Facebook ads, should I invest anyway?”

“I am not a guru. Will Facebook ads work for me?”


If you are asking all these questions, you are not alone. I get questions like that all day long.

The hard part is giving you an answer without knowing your exact, unique situation.

So, how much should you pay per lead? I don’t know. It depends on your paid offerings. How much are you charging for your paid programs and packages?

Could you be profitable from spending a few hundred dollars a month on Facebook ads? I don’t know. Do you know how to make them work or would you just be ‘donating’ this money to Facebook? 😉

Will Facebook ads work for me?

One of my clients did a $73K launch from an ad spend of less than $4000.

One of my clients is filling her book writing retreat from Facebook ads.

One of my clients grew her list to over 15K people, Facebook group to 6000 and tripled her business. And none of these people are ‘Internet Famous’.

So yes. Facebook ads can work for you.

Want to learn how to create one?

Come and join us on this free, 5-day challenge where I’ll teach you how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign.

I am a Facebook ad strategist who is in the trenches every single day executing on strategy and running ad campaigns for my clients, in many niches.

I’ll teach you what is working right now. I’ll give you highly actionable stuff (no fluff here).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Day 1. Should you be running Facebook ads in your business? How much should you be spending?

Day 2. Three things you need to nail before ever opening your ads manager

Day 3. The first ad campaign every non-guru business owner should run (It’s not what you think)

Day 4. Four biggest mistakes people make when their Facebook ads

Day 5. Turning your ads into profits

Click below to join. It’s going to be EPIC.

We start on May 15.