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First 1,000 Subscribers

First 1,000 Subscribers


There are two types of business gurus online.

One who tells  you that you need a huge list to run a successful business.

The other one says, nah, you don’t need a big list, you can launch with 100 people on your list. You can even launch when you don’t even have a list. (These are mostly those folks who are selling expensive online courses about how to create online courses. (I would listen to them with a grain a of salt if I were you.)

So where do I stand?

My stance is simple. I advocate finding the sweet spot. And that sweet spot is around 1,000 people.

Sure you can make an offer to your list before yo have 1,000 people. If you want to sell a group coaching program and you need 10 people, you might try to get these people from a list of 400 and that’s fine, too.

But here is why I recommend having 1,000 subscribers if you want to launch an online program or a high-end coaching package.

1. On average, a list converts at 1-5%. Do the Math.

2. Maybe some people made 40K from a list of 125 people but this is not the norm. They might be already in business for years or hired a kick-ass launch strategist who charged 10K to run it. Maybe they are selling a $2000 program and needed to fill 20 spots. I want you to launch knowing fully well the reality of how it is. I am not in the business of selling hope – or miracles.

3. Many gurus will tell you just by launching something will help build your email list. (Aha! So You do need a list!) What they mean is that when you are launching, while you are creating your offer (coaching package or ecourse), you ALSO create tons of content for guest posting AND engage heavily in social media promotion. What they are actually saying is you also build a list while doing your pre-launch content. That you run Facebook ads, which I love but many new entrepreneurs are bootstrapped and they don’t have the funds to run Facebook campaigns just yet. Unless you have unlimited hours in the day, and you have some experience of doing this, I highly recommend starting of with 500-1000 people on your list prior to launching.

4. If you keep launching and don’t grow your list when you are not launching, you will burn your list. People will get sick of hearing from you and unsubscribe.

5. You don’t need a big list because contrary to what people say, money is not in the list. It is in the relationship with your list. (But you still need few hundred people because it is impossible that the 247 people you do have, all love you to death.

6. Lastly, this number has been backed up by research as the ‘tipping point’. Sorry, I am feeling too lazy to find the source for now.

Are you feeling persuaded yet? Here are some blog posts to make it even easier to grasp this list building thing.


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Hope you enjoyed learning about knowing the numbers you need to run a successful business.

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