7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Facebook Ad Expert

Are you an entrepreneur interested in harnessing the power of Facebook ads?

Are you also toying with the idea of hiring a Facebook ads expert?

Yes? Perfect. You are in the right place.

I know investing in a coach or consultant is a big step and I bet you have a ton of questions. I’m here to answer them today.

Not only that, the reason I wrote this blog is that I see so many entrepreneurs making the same mistakes over and over again. They are running Facebook ads when they shouldn’t. They are looking to hire people when they aren’t ready.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Let’s find out ..

#1 Which stage of business are you in?

The first and the most important question to ask is: Are you ready to invest in Facebook ads?

If you are a new business owner, you are still creating your offers and don’t know which offers convert for you yet, if you are not clear on who your ideal target market is and you are not making a profit in your business, you are most likely not ready.

Allow me to elaborate: when you start sending paid traffic (from Facebook ads in our case) to your website, you should have a clear idea of how you are going to generate a ROI (return on investment). If you don’t have paid offers that are PROVEN to work, you are just wasting your money.

Most people will not tell you this because they want you to hire them, or invest in their coaching. But I will. Unless you have offers that are selling NOW, you should not be looking into hiring a Facebook ads consultant.

If you want to spend money on ads to build your email list and you are not selling thing, hiring one is NOT a good idea. You won’t be able to justify this investment for a long time.

What you can do instead is to invest in a Facebook ads course, this is the perfect solution for you at this point. Get familiar with the info, what’s involved and maybe start running an ad on a very low budget such as $5 a day. This way you are not risking big bucks.

You can also take time to test things organically. Send traffic to your website and paid offers using social media, guest blogging and doing interviews. Invest your ‘time’ now, and ‘money’ later.


#2 How much does your thing cost?

So you have paid offers and they are working. The second question to ask is – and I’ll be brutally honest here – what’s the price point of your offering?

If you are selling a $17 ebook, $29 training or something priced under $100, it would be very hard to make Facebook ads work for you.

Generally speaking, you should invest in Facebook ads when your products or services cost upwards of $500. Sure you can have low priced offerings but they should be used to build the front end offer in your funnel and offset some of the ad spend. These offers won’t make you rich.

If you have signature programs costing $1000 and above, Facebook ads can work VERY WELL for you. If you are a coach, consultant or a service provider selling premium packages starting from $3000, you are golden.

If your offers work, invest in an ad strategist TODAY. It will be totally worth it.


#3 How much are you able to spend on ads?

Don’t hire an ad strategist if you can’t spend a minimum of $1000 in your business, $3000 – $5000 is better.

If you have a teeny tiny budget, and you want to spend no more than $5 or $10 a day on ads, my frank recommendation is to purchase an ads course, educate yourself and take action.

When you are ready to allocate a decent amount towards your ad spend, feel free to speak to potential candidates you can hire.


#4 Do you understand what they actually do?

There are VAs (virtual assistants) who manage your ads and there are ad strategists who are part business coaches and part lead generation experts.

Know who you are hiring.

You can get somebody to create your ads in the power editor and run them (usually a VA will do this) but you will be the one teaching them what to do, when to stop the ads, how to split test, and how to scale.

Then you have social media managers. They tend to be generalists who offer a variety of services. They also run your ads for you but may or may not create your strategy.

Finally, you have Facebook ads consultants or strategists (like yours truly). These people work with a handful of people and work very closely with them. Some of them set up sales funnels, some only do lead generation (sending you traffic and getting people to sign up for your email list) while others specialize in certain type of funnels such as video series or webinars.

Some specialise in ecommerce (for people who sell physical products) while some work specifically within certain industries.


#5 What type of service do you want?

Facebook experts offer a variety of services. These include:

Done for you: This is the most premium service where they work with one-on-one private clients very closely.

This usually involves consulting calls and they work on their own time to do all the work for you.

Coaching/consulting: Want to learn how to run Facebook ads yourself? You can book an hour or a package with an ads expert to learn directly from them. The beauty of this approach is that you get their eye on your business and unique situation and can use hours to seek their advice.

Group coaching program/online workshop: This is a hybrid model of an online training program as well office hours calls where you can get on to get your most burning questions answered.

Self study course: This is usually the most inexpensive option. Here, they have created a training program for you and you are the one going through the modules, learning and then implementing the info. This is a self-paced DIY option.

You don’t get any feedback on what you are doing, unless they offer a Facebook group where you can ask questions and seek help from fellow group members and/or the owner of the group (depends how much you paid to join).

Be clear on what you want to achieve with Facebook ads, what your goal is, and that’ll help you choose the right type of expert and a service.


#6 How to justify the price tag on a Facebook ads expert?

Facebook ad experts and consultants are not cheap. If they are, it might mean that they are just starting out or aren’t very good.

To make matters worse, there is no one regulating the prices in this industry. Just like when you hire a website designer, you can expect to pay $2000 or $20,000. It totally depends on how experienced they are, if they are the go-to in their field and what your needs are.

You can hire somebody for $1000 a month or $10,000 a month. It depends if you want a ‘celebrity coach’. 😉 Any good ads expert will require you to work with them for at least a period of 3 months because often times, that’s how long it takes to see a ROI.

When you are ready to hire one, don’t go price shopping. You usually get what you pay for.

The easiest way to justify their cost is to ask yourself one question: What is it costing you right now not to work with this person?

So if they are 5K for 3 months, and they help you generate 30K in your business during that period, you are NOT making that 30K right now, are you?


#7 How to hire the right expert for your business?

Ask people for referrals. They’ll usually connect you with the right person.

If you are part of Facebook groups, ask around. This approach is not fool proof. You’ll see lot of people recommending their friends or people they work for. Always do your due diligence. Do these people have websites? Do they blog? Sign up and get a sense of who they are.

Lastly, always book a discovery call with them to see if you are a great fit for each other. This will most likely be a significant investment and you will be working closely so make sure you actually like them. And ask them how they can help you. Listen closely. Do they give you a useful info or are they all about the pitch? Ask them if they have any case studies they can share.

How do they communicate? Many Facebook people are notorious for not letting their clients know what’s happening. Ask how often will they update you on their ads status.

Ask them about the expected return on investment on your ad spend and see what they say. Many so-called Facebook ad experts have no idea how to calculate if you are profitable. If they talk about useless metrics such as page likes or video views, probe deeper. You want to know how it’s going to pay off for you.


In conclusion, if your business is working, and you are profitable, you can and should hire a Facebook ads expert. If not, please don’t. We are not miracle workers and we can’t come in and fix your business.

We can do lead generation or we can build sales funnels, but in order for it to work, your business needs to work first.

Are you ready to invest in Facebook ad strategy?

Click the link below to book a free 30-min discovery call with me. At minimum, you’ll walk away with greater clarity and with some things you can take action on right away.


To get a sense of who I am and how I work, checking this page: https://maryajan.com/consulting/



Are you running ads in your business right now? Are you considering outsourcing it? Have you worked with an ad strategist before? How was your experience?

Leave a comment below. I read every single one. 🙂


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  1. Jo Says :
    Posted on August 9, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Thanks a lot for this post. We’re considering hiring one and it was very useful! Thanks again

  2. Karan Lugani Says :
    Posted on December 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    Also, I believe before hiring Facebook ad expert, we should consider other options too. Facebook campaigns have run great for me in terms of awareness but when I needed ROIs Adwords worked the best for me.

    Stage as you mentioned and budget matters a lot when running Paid ads.

  3. Anuradha Chawla Says :
    Posted on February 17, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Hi Marya

    Great article, Marya! I just started my first Facebook campaign two weeks ago, and reading your post was perfect timing. I will be sure to implement your many helpful tips. Thanks so much and I look forward to future articles! 🙂