Want to promote your course, coaching program or a service package with Facebook Ads (and double, triple or even quadruple your revenue)?

You are a coach, expert or a service-based entrepreneur and you are awesome at what you do.

You are profitable in your business but you are still building funnels and tweaking your webinar content.

Your offers are selling but you feel like you need to get in front of more people. You want more eyeballs on what you have on offer.

You want more leads (and sales, of course!)

You want more discovery calls and more clients.

You want fully-booked webinars and hundreds of people going through your live challenge.

You want thousands to join your Facebook group and your email list.

You have systems in place, and a small but mighty team, now you want to scale even further.

You want a multi-six figure launch. You want a 6-figure webinar. Why not?

You are tired of hustling, spending hours on social media, and networking to achieve all of that. You want FAST RESULTS.

And you know that Facebook ads can get you there so much faster and cheaper than any other means of marketing. But you hesitate.

It could be that you haven’t found the right person for the job.

Maybe you were burnt by a so-called Facebook ads expert before or maybe you even tried running Facebook ads on your own but it didn’t work out.

I mean, who has time to learn Facebook ads (they change all the time), build successful funnels AND run a business?

You want to outsource the job but you want the best person for the job.

Someone who has a track record of getting results. Someone who could show you the case-studies and client results and someone who truly understands you and your business.

Well … you’ve found her.

Hi, I am Marya Jan and I am a Facebook Ad Strategist.

And I believe every coach, consultant or service provider should invest in Facebook ads in their business to attract a ton of  hot new leads – and turn them into premium clients and customers. Period.

But here’s the thing: Maybe you have tried using ads in the past and they didn’t work, or maybe you are too scared to start.

Maybe you feel like you need a massive following to make Facebook ads work for you, or you need to be Internet famous. Perhaps you feel you need thousands of dollars to invest?

None of that is true.

Facebook ads are the shortest path to attracting hot leads and turning them into clients or customers.

And I am here to help.

You want to completely eliminate the learning curve.

You want an expert who has the experience of running successful ad campaigns for others and actually is in the trenches. I’m your gal.

FBFA Elite (Done-For-You Service)

Looking to SCALE? This service is perfect for you.

This service is for you if you want to grow your list, fill up your webinar or launch your program with Facebook ads but want a pro to take care of everything for you. And I mean, EVERYTHING.

You want done-for-you Facebook ads as well as monthly consulting calls.

This is so much more than a traditional done-for-you service.

Will I run your ads for you while you sit back and relax, and work on things in your business you enjoy the most? Sure. But I also consult on your funnels; lead magnet ( opt-in offer), read magnet (epic blog post), webinar or challenge and front end offer. I provide the complete solution.

So don’t confuse this service with ‘ad management’ that your VA can do for you. This is a high level service which is part consulting and part implementation.

As my private, elite client, we will work together one-on-one. Here’s what’s going to happen.

  • We’ll start with a 1-hour consult where I’ll ask relevant questions about your business to create a customised plan for you. I’ll explain how much you need to spend to meet your income goals (how much you should expect to pay per lead for your industry.
  • I’ll also consult on creating a front end offer to offset your ad spend from the beginning if that is what you need. All of the strategic planning takes place so we know how many ad campaigns you need.
  • I’ll help you create the right opt-in offer if you don’t have one that is proven to convert, or help you create the perfect one for Facebook.
  • I’ll tweak your landing page to make sure you get highest number of conversions possible (my clients get as high as 75% conversions from cold traffic).
  • We’ll nail your ideal audience and make a starter list of audiences to target. Then I’ll go in and create hyper-focused targeting options for you.
  • Once I have a basic draft for ad copy  just so I can get a sense of your style, I’ll tweak it so it is rock solid or provide brand new copy from scratch (depending on your needs).
  • I’ll require 2-3 images but I will also provide customized on-brand conversion-focused images for you. All of these will help you get great click through rates. My average is 2-3% and sometimes as high as 6%, again from cold traffic.
  • Then its power editor and me (pixel setupad campaign set up, split testing, scaling and retargeting with custom audiences and lookalike audiences). I’ll do my magic and keep you in the loop at all times (reporting).
  • I’ll report back to you with the results on a regular basis. In fact, you get laser coaching via email. It’s like having me in your back pocket.
  • You also get 3 extra 1-hour consulting sessions within the next 3 months with me to fine tune your funnel and achieve your desired ROI.

Want to fill your webinars with high quality leads at best prices? I’ve got your back. I’ll send high quality traffic to your webinar so you fill it up with hundreds of people. I’ll also revamp your webinar sign up page so you are converting majority of clicks into registrations.

Same thing for running a highly profitable challenge

And evergreen funnels.

By the end of this period, you can expect to triple or quadruple your ROI (some of my clients have done 10X).

Who is this service for: The done-for-you service is perfect for you if you are earning six figures or close to it. This means …

  • You are PROFITABLE.
  • You have clients now.
  • You are selling packages or programs priced at $997 or above ($497 can work too) and want to sell heaps more.

Who are the people I work with?

To give you an idea, following are some of my fabulous clients I have worked with:

Visibility Coach, Sales Coach, Branding Expert, Online Marketing Consultant, Ontraport Expert, Business Systems Strategist, Website Designer, Copywriter, Success Coach, Social Media Coach, Financial Planner,

Naturopath, Reiki Healer, Wellness Strategist, Nutritionist, Decluttering Expert, Artist, Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Photographer

You are in excellent company!

Your investment: Ad strategy and Done-for-you ads packages start at $2.5K USD per month with a minimum 3 month commitment (You must have a  budget of $1500 USD at minimum for the first month – and you pay for the ads).

Want to speak to me to see if it makes sense for us to work together?

Book a free 30-minute discovery call


Can’t see any times? Email me at marya.writinghappiness@gmail.com.

What sort of results can you expect?

Every industry is different. In some industries, you can get a lead for $1 each and in some the cost is  much higher. The cost of webinar registrants tend to me higher than your lead cost when you send them to an opt-in such as a checklist or cheat sheet.


Petra Foster is a client enrolment strategist who generated 31K in one month after hiring me as her Facebook Ad Strategist. Then she made another 73K from the launch of her group coaching program from a $400o ad spend. To this date, she has made over $200K and we are working on her 6-figure launch. It will be epic!


Janet Murray, a multi six-figure PR coach and business owner, has TRIPLED her monthly income after working with me as a private client.

Becky Dickson is a 7-figure mindset coach. She has added to close to 2,000 brand new subscribers to her email list in a short period of time and made $15K from just one promo. 

Wanna talk leads? When I start working with my private clients, I am usually able to cut down their cost per lead by half to one-third of what they were paying before. A client comes to mind who spent $200 on Facebook ads to get 7 leads. I got her 67 leads with an $100 ad spend. Can’t even calculate the improvement on this one alone.

And I write ads that get a ton of SHARES. Shares on an ad? Yes, that happens when people want to see your ads. 

You can get similar results provided you are selling ecourses, coaching programs or service packages PEOPLE WANT.

Let me help you get results.

Are you in?

What’s it like working with me?

Check out my Client Stories for more raves and testimonials!

Tara Killen – Psychologist and Wellness Strategist

tara“As someone whose been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to brainstorm with many bright minds. I’ve got to tell you, brainstorming with you was illuminating! I love your no-fluff, straight to the point attitude. It suits me perfectly as a busy woman who just wants to get down to it.

Having spent the past several months educating myself on internet marketing and sales funnels, with some of the best minds in the biz- you were able to help me connect the dots and fit the jigsaw pieces together to create the right picture for my particular biz circumstances.

Thanks again, SO looking forward to our continued collaboration!”

sarahSarah Christine Nolan – Holistic Heath Practitioner. Vibrant Life Natural Healing

“Marya helped me set up my ad campaign for my webinar. She helped me determine a strong target audience, the proper budget, and how to test the ads to make sure I am running only the strongest adset. I feel really confident I’m my campaign now!”

Shannon Brandao – Tutor and coach. Shannontutors.com

1At this point, I really love working with you. I can develop things at my pace without any pressure. But you still keep me on track and from wasting time, which I don’t have, and from pursuing ideas that my business can’t support yet or making too many mistakes in targeting my ideal customer.

The coaching gave me the courage to quit my awful law practice job sooner rather than later so I could free-up time and energy to focus on developing something more meaningful, like my own business.

You are kind and encouraging, yet not afraid to be honest and frank with advice or instructions. I really appreciate what you’ve created (the coaching and internet course) and I hope to one day emulate what you’ve done in my own business.

Saiisha – Mediation Coach. NestInTheForest.com

salisha1My biggest problem was actually figuring out my product, and how to offer it.You are conversational, easy to work with, give lots of details and examples. I created a brand new website, implemented (and still implementing…) every single one of your recommendations, and I put my picture up 🙂 (Introvert speaking). I haven’t gone live with my site yet, however I do know that I have a much clearer direction and purpose for my new business.

I would recommend you to others – YES. You were not limited to just what your coaching package says, but met me where I was. That was a huge plus!

When I want to take another session, I’ll come back to you 🙂

Leigh Shulman, Writing Coach, The Future is Red


I found our session to be extremely helpful. We covered a huge amount of information in a relatively short about of time. It was a lot to process all at once, but the way you laid everything out and explained made it easy for me to take notes to which I can later.

Most importantly, you began with the most important issues impacting my business which allows me to know where to place my energies first. I’ve already found our chat has helped me shape my business for the better.

You also helped me realize that I don’t have to rush into setting up my plan and new website, and instead should take my time, lay out my plan and then implement. Best of all, you gave me a framework and ideas that will help me create that plan. Until now, I’ve been overwhelmed with all my options and didn’t know where to start. Now I know where to start.

Maria Delaney, Journalist/freelancer, Wise Women Club


Our session was extremely helpful in a number of ways. First, it was a real confidence booster – to have a successful professional remind me that everyone (even the most successful people) always faces competition and challenges, and that these challenges have an enormous potential for growth, helped me become more proactive in my approach. Second – perhaps, the most important thing for me – I was able to organize my thoughts and form a fairly clear plan of my actions for the next few months. Finally, it was hugely inspiring – I feel like my mind is being flooded with all sorts of ideas (old ones being refreshed and new ones appearing in the light of our discussion).

My biggest issue was that I didn’t have a clear direction in my actions. I had a vague idea of what I want to do, but because it was too general and too undefined, I wasn’t able to move forward. Now that I am shaping my goals and making them more precise, I can actually create a step-by-step plan to achieve each one of them.

Karen Main, Life Coach. karenmainonline.com


My biggest problem was getting clear on who my ideal client is. I was struggling to be specific and you helped me get there. I found all you information very helpful, useful and relevant to me. I have a list of Homework now.

I would recommend this service to someone who is also in the first year of business and blogging and who is struggling to find their way in the online jungle.

Thank you again Marya for your generosity in sharing your online knowledge and wisdom and for giving it to me honestly. I now now where to direct my energies and feel more ready for my business to take the next step.

Candice Cannel, Writer. candiland.com / deliciouslifeseries.com


I really appreciate your style and insight. I got so much from working with you in our session.  I can’t believe I missed something as obvious as defining who my target customer is! HUGE takeaway was defining my ideal customer. I truly feel like this was the missing link in my plan.

I would absolutely recommend this service to others. You have a successful business and writing style and I firmly believe others can benefit from your experience and insight- especially when they are first starting out. Don’t change a thing!

Thank you again for our session! It was so eye-opening. So I truly appreciate your insight, wisdom and advice. I am sure this will make all the difference in my business. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Caroline Kirk – Writer. CarolineKirk.com 

Caroline1Marya, Thank you very much for all you have done for my blog, which has lain redundant for so long until your professional touch. And for what you have done for me!!!

Your style of coaching service has been invaluable to my writing, to getting the business started and in moving it forward in the right direction.  You know your stuff!

Just as importantly, you have inspired me and given me the confidence to finally complete a long held dream.  I love your site; it’s fantastic to get your emails in my inbox as a constant reminder of what I ought to be doing to continue on this roll. Thank You!

Juan Villarreal – Fitness Trainer. IgnitetheFat 

Working with Marya is a must for anyone who takes their online business seriously. She is not only very professional, but has a great eye when it comes to improving a website/blog.

After our very first session, I walked away with a dozen ideas and action steps to take my blog to the next level. I look forward to working with Marya again.

Jane Sarchet – Foodie.The HedgeCombers

janie1Having Marya in the background, and feeling accountable to her, has meant my productivity has escalated. My ‘to do’ list has always been full, but when working on my own, I don’t necessarily direct my energy in the most beneficial direction.

Having her look at the bare bones of my blog/business, and talk me through which avenues will have the most impact on visitor numbers and my bottom line has been invaluable.

Amanda Bilson -Artist. AmandaBilsonArt.com

amanda1I would just like to say a very big thank you for helping me with my blog.  You not only explained your first impressions, you highlighted what was important and what I should be concentrating on.  You also gave me great advice re direction and the way forward.  I know it will take effort on my part too but at least I now know what to work on.

I would certainly recommend you to any artist or anyone who is struggling in getting their business off the ground. You know your stuff.

Irina Baranov, Life Coach


Thanks so much for all your feedback and advice, Marya. Wonderful!!! I’m so appreciative. Now I am working to actually implement it. I think I’m going to have to invest some more $ in making the website stuff happen, but ok, I’ll do it.

I agree with you about my point of differentiation and ideal customer profile. I’ll keep thinking about how to project that on my website – probably more through design and topics than actual words that say “here’s who I want to work with” I also have close to zero tech ability, but it’s glad to know I can still do this. I also need to hire someone to do my website and help me with video.

Thanks so much, Marya. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying. Very wise and helpful. I’ll keep plugging away.

Jan Small. Relationship Coach


The accountability factor is a big thing for me. For example, I would have definitely not worked so hard last weekend without the homework you set and I coasted a bit during the week because I had no homework. (Not sure what that’s about because one of the reasons I wanted to work from home was to have more freedom!)

I’m really enjoying working on my business now and adding the actions from your coaching. I’m very excited about pitching big blogs too and offering content that will blow their socks off.

Thank you so much for your feedback and help. My guest post got published on Dumb Little Man today. It more than doubled my subscribers from that one post and that is from your help 🙂 I’m doing a happy dance here.