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You have a business to run and people are telling you to blog?

What nerve! Don’t they know how much it takes to run a small business?

Why would anyone want to take on more work, right?

That’s a valid question.

For most of us, blogging looks like adding another task to our never ending to-do list. It means content creation – lots and lots of. Who wants to do that? Who has the time to do that?

  • You do, if you want to consider this low-cost marketing strategy to grow your business.
  • You do, if you want to attract the right reader and turn them into a buyer
  • You do, if you want to build your email list and run successful promotions
  • You do, if you want to rank better on the search engines, create authority and build your brand.
  • You do, if you want people to come to you!

That being said, I know where you are coming from.

It does seem like a lot of work. Especially if you don’t know what is it exactly that you are supposed to be doing.

But how would you feel if I tell you, you don’t have to create tons of content.

You just need to create strategic content.

And you can do it as little as once a week. Now surely you can manage that, right?

But this cannot happen until you have every element of your blog in perfect alignment and understand strategic content creation

If you get your blogging right, you will be doing the one thing you need to do right – build your email list the right way. And start adding to your income.

And best of all, you can kick things off without having others to endorse you. Meaning, if you don’t know the big players, that’s all right, you can still make it work.

Here’s how I help you:


Standard Package

Blog Review: You get a detailed analysis of your blog including:

  • branding (USP, core message etc)
  • design & usability
  • content (Headline, intro, scannability & CTA)
  • conversion (opt-in offer, positioning etc)
  • strategic advice for your business goals

This is not some generic advice. I give you a solid plan of action that will make your blog the best marketing tool for your business.

You will receive a pdf document with the report and recommendations.

You get this Blog Review for $180.00 USD


Premium Package

You get everything detailed in the Starter Package plus a guest pitch critique.

The way I built my own blog and grew my business is primarily through guest posting.

When done right, guest posting brings you highly targeted traffic that happily signs up on your list.

You create strategic content for others while driving benefits to your own site. And you can do this from day one.

Here I will review your guest post pitch, strategy and your byline, and make suggestions on how to improve it.

If you are guest posting but not seeing the results, or if you want to invest in this low cost marketing strategy, this is the perfect option for you.

All of this for $250.00 USD


Here are your three options:

Standard Package: Blog Review $180.00 USD

Premium Package: Blog Review + Guest Post Pitch Critique  $250.00 USD

Bonus: All packages contain a bonus follow-up email. Feel free to get back to me any questions you might have aboutyour review or critique and I would be more than happy to get back to you.

How to Order

Because I only offer a limited spots per month, I am unable to offer a straight up purchase button.

Kindly email me at marya.writinghappiness at gmail dot com and say which package you intend to purchase and I will send an invoice through Paypal.

Order today. You won’t be disappointed!


Nice Things People are Saying about this Service


Sue Koepnick (Life Evolve Coaching) says

“Marya was able to find things going on with my site that I wasn’t aware of, and in tdoing so I was able o fix them quickly. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes makes all the difference!

The review addressed design/visual elements as well as effectiveness of titles, content format, and quality of content. Monetization, readership growth, and clarity of message were all addressed.

I loved that the review was a balance of what is working and what could be improved. Marya’ specific suggestions for how to make those improvements was so helpful. This is a wonderful service for new and long-time bloggers. I’d highly recommend it to others. Thank you so much.


Lynda Lipping (NYC Pilates, Fitness & Reiki) says

“I received a 4 page pdf blog critique from Marya. I acted on several of her insights right away, and saw immediate measurable results, like more signups. She also suggested that I clarify that I am giving away my bestselling pilates ebooks, not just some generic report. Again, opt-ins went up.

Most importantly, I tweaked my About page to be a bit more personal and engaging.

The most important recommendation, and one that I struggle with, in the actual content  of posts. As an academic philosopher, I am not used to writing simply, or organizing into bullet and such. I am working on that now.

I recommend Marya for anyone who needs a clear and objective look at their blog as a reader friendly, profitable tool. Thanks Marya!”


Rohit Sharma (The Revolution Hour) says

“Marya’s kick butt review report was a not less than enlightening when we are all set to enter into the new year.

On the whole, the review was simply excellent. I am a person who loves critical analysis and this was something which I was looking forward to. Every point was specifically made crystal clear by Marya and her approach was very professional. I felt reading it over and over again, it was simply perfect.”


Deb Burns (Making it Happen Online) says

“Marya has just done an evaluation of my blog Making It Happen Online and I’m so glad she did. My blog is very, very, new. I feel like a first-time mother with a newborn baby. Marya swooped in like an experienced mother of five laying out exactly what I should be doing in a logical and easy to understand way.

I was nervous before I opened her report, scared that the list of my wrong-doings was going to be huge and insurmountable, but Marya is kind and encouraging. She gave me advice on big-picture issues: like the fact that I haven’t really made up my mind what my blog is about yet, and little tweaks like things I can add to my side-bar. But the best thing about Marya’s report is that she is encouraging. She told me I have “quality content” and when a fellow writer who I respect, says something like that all the other issues pale into insignificance and I feel motivated to get cracking and up my game.

Thanks Marya, watch this space!”


Faith Marcil (PR Mastery Blog) says

“I appreciated and agreed with the blog review. Marya listed parts of my blog that could be improved upon like building a list, simplifying my theme tag line, and many more.

This blog review has made me see my blog through new eyes. I hope to immediately proceed to improve on it and make the necessary changes or updates based on this review. And I would definitely start with making it more clutter free.”


Praveen Rajaro (Daily Morning Coffee) says

“As promised Marya completed review and sent me a PDF detailing her review points regarding everything her stood for. Starting with the Blog Focus to Slidebars and Content and my blog About pages, she has listed out in a very clear and easy to understand manner how I can make my blog even better.

It always helps when a third eye looks at your work and when that eye belongs to a pro like Marya, it is even better. I have always said that I like to get criticized about my wrong-doings and the blog review has done just that, has pointed out my blog’s weak points and areas of improvements.

This has helped me so much to concentrate on such minor details and improve my blog, I would opt for a review again when I actually implement these changes in my blog. Thanks once again Marya for an outstanding review.”


Ali (Writers Blog) says

“Some part of me already knew that to make my blog stand out from the crowd, I was lacking a central theme. But it wasn’t until I read Marya Jan’s assessment when I decided to turn my attention to this most important issue. All my ‘sins’ (along with their remedies) were highlighted in a clear, professional yet very friendly manner.

Since blogging is a multidimensional endeavor, making lethal mistakes is highly likely. This yis why ou need a third party to critically evaluate your blog. Considering Marya’s knowledge, professional approach and affordable packages, I highly recommend her services. Many thanks!”


Andrea Hypno (Ipno Studio) says

“I’ve found the review clean and simple with actionable steps which I’ve already followed, most of them actually.”

“The best things about the review are your general advices at the beginning, the one by one steps on changes and how the review is logically organized so that someone has just to work on points one by one. Also the recap at the end is very useful. Thank you.”


Neville Waterman (The Waterman Group) says

“Marya’s review was very, very helpful and to the point. It was also easy to understand. I have already implemented one of the suggestions (the prominence of the link on my business website).”


Ivana Williamson (Real Life Coaching) says

“The points you made have been very helpful and I understand that I have a lot of work to do in order to get the best out of the blogging experience. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with what needs to be done but then I put my “life coach” hat on and decided that I will tackle your suggestions one at a time and with that in mind I feel confident that I’ll get there.”