Attract and Enrol Clients into High-End Programs With my Perfect Match Method™

Super Smart. Self Made. Highly Qualified. Overachiever.
Introvert. Kind. Down to Earth. Humble.
Woman of Substance.

Is that you?

For coaches, experts or service providers who identify with ALL. THE. ABOVE.

Who want to help create real results - BETTER results - and yet they are not getting attention they deserve. Because they find it hard to promote themselves and struggle with IMPOSTER’S SYNDROME.

Why? Because I was this woman!

I know this for a fact; smart people underestimate themselves, and fail to own their brilliance and articulate their value.

They are too much in their left brain but now embracing the other side. They don’t resonate with words like ‘divine goddess’ or ‘funnel builder but fall right in the sweet spot, the beautiful place where energy meets strategy.

For those who create real results - BIG TRANSFORMATIONS - and are not afraid to charge premium for it. I can help.

I am Marya Jan, creator of PERFECT MATCH METHOD™ and ONE AD FORMULA™ and I help you to attract and enrol your ideal, perfect clients. I have helped clients sell $3K, $5K and $10K+ packages using one presentation so they can create real transformations in the world. And I can help you to do the same.

Are in you in?

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Best advice I have seen on this: 23 Top Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Conversational.

Michael Hyatt

- Author & Blogger
Nice roundup of tips here. Great write up and keep up the good work!

Chris Garrett

- Online Business Consultant
A checklist for everything you need to do to make your blog awesome.

Jon Morrow

- Blogger
I found Marya’s blog completely by accident. She suggested a guest post and I checked out her stuff, and was blown away by the quality educational content. Marya writes excellent content, and has a great community at her  blog.

Danny Brown

- Social Media Influencer

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