Marya Jan – Blogging Coach, Trainer & Freelance Blogger

(Please note that I currently only accept projects starting at $500.00 AUD. However, if you are interested in ordering a blog/content critique, feel free to email me.)

Hi – good to have you here. I am glad you could make it. :)

I am a blogging coach, trainer and freelance blogger for service professionals.

(If you are a writer, teacher, trainer, coach, therapist, designer or artist – listen up. I am talking to you …)

If you have a have a program or a product that you believe is perfect for your target market, you need highly relevant and useful content on your blog.

Content that resonates with your prospects and engages them.

You see, the vast majority of people surfing the web are looking for fast and free information. They are not looking to buy anything just yet.

If you have premium products or services to sell, you have a huge task ahead of you, to convince why paid is so much better than free, to convert window shoppers into buyers.

But you can’t accomplish this by telling them directly – it doesn’t work like that in the virtual world. You have to earn their trust first.

And the best way of earning that is to get them to like you – by creating exceptional quality, highly focused content, on an ongoing basis.

Your readers keep coming back, they sign up to your list and guess what? It is much easier to sell to your own list rather than a bunch of folks cruising by.

With great content, you can

  • Drive targeted traffic to your site and increase conversions
  • Show your human face, open doors for dialogue, conversation and reader engagement
  • Inspire and motivate your target audience and turn them into solid prospects
  • Establish your credibility position you as an expert
  • Rank better in search engines so your prospects can find you online

And I am here to help you create that content and strategy for your blog.

Who am I?

I am a blog strategist, trainer and a freelance blogger for online businesses, based in Melbourne, Australia. I write in a straight forward, heartfelt manner to provide solutions for your blog strategy and content needs. I write in the style that suits your brand.

If this appeals to you, and you need somebody (human) to write for you, we should talk.

What I Offer

My services include:

  • Blog Review that will help you attain the results you strive for
  • Blog Content Critique which will tell you what your friends won’t
  • Blog Coaching that will address all your concerns and help find solutions
  • Blog posts for your business blog that will attract readers and generate a buzz around your your products and services
  • Autoresponder emails that get opened
  • Online Newsletters that work harder and deliver more
  • Blogging for Business Workshops

For details, check out my services page.

My Niche

I specialize in working with one-person shops! So if you are a writer, artist, designer, coach or therapist, I can make a real difference to your business success.

Why Hire Me?

I am a professional writer with an MBA in marketing and an 8 year industry experience. I have also taught Business Writing and Interpersonal Skills in universities for many years.

My guest blogging portfolio consists of posts that have appeared on leading blogs such as Problogger, Men with Pens, Daily Blog Tips, Freelance Switch, Write to Done, Make a Living Writing and Stepcase Lifehack. Check out my links to get an idea of my blogging style. It is personal, approachable and highly benefit driven, like it should always be.

My blog is a proud finalist in Top 10 Writing Blogs 2011/12 Annual Contest held by Write to Done.

I am on the 12 Bloggers You Really Should be Reading  in 2012 list by Danny Brown, a prominent Social Media and Marketing Blogger.

I am also a qualified lawyer so I have been trained to think in a highly critical and persuasive  manner.

I have training in Human Behaviour Analysis which helps me to approach the task from the readers’ point of view (What would I do if I were the recipient of such copy?) and step right into their shoes. This ensures that both you and your readers are happy.

Are We a Good Match?

  • You are professional who knows what needs to be done
  • You are happy to provide all information in a timely fashion
  • You are easy to work with, having realistic expectations for deadlines
  • You have a project budget that pays fairly for my services to get you the best possible results
  • You pay invoices promptly – like I said, you are a true professional

How to Reach Me

For all enquiries regarding my rates, terms and conditions, and how to book; kindly email me (marya.writinghappiness at gmail dot com).

I will get back to you within 48 hours.